About Us

MERCHANT - Smell Luxury

Founder & CEO
Ameer Merchant
Serial entrepreneur, visionary and chief 'nose' at Merchant
Ameer Merchant grew up chasing scents and fragrances. Enthralled by how luxury perfumes are developed, Ameer travelled the world looking for beautiful scents that captivate the imagination.
While he encountered a variety of intriguing scents during his travels, Ameer couldn't find one that really lasted. The scent would always disappear after a few hours. So in July 2019, the Bhavnagar-based CEO set out to develop a perfume that was not only intrinsically luxurious but one that would linger for as long as possible.

About Merchant - Smell Luxury

Enter Merchant's range of long-lasting luxury fragrances.
At Merchant, we understand that not all fragrances suit everybody. Perfumes tend to smell differently on different people depending on their body chemistry. We know that. That's why we've spent so much time researching the rich, sensual scents that are intrinsic to India and have created a sensual range of classy fragrances to suit the Indian palette -- one that even the most discerning of noses would appreciate.
Ideal for consumers of all ages and genders, our perfumes are luxurious, captivating and 100% original.

Our Vision

To take luxury Indian perfumery to the world's stage.

Our Mission

A good perfume says more than words ever could. It can lift spirits, create an impression or even make someone feel special. It is the ultimate accessory and that's why at Merchant Trading, we're committed to creating a sensual range of long-lasting premium fragrances that help you leave an elegant impression wherever you go.